Events coming up

Gordon is always happy to speak to people who are interested in books, in history or in any aspect of creative writing.
If you would like Gordon to talk to your club, association, library, school or community group, please send a message using the CONTACTPage.

Please bear in mind that, as Gordon is blind, his availability will depend on being able to arrange suitable transport.

Forth Coming Events

Gordon’s long-awaited Roman Britain novel, “Queen Of Victory” will be available in paperback. This is the third of the “Calgacus” adventures, telling the story of British resistance to Rome through the eyes of a British warrior. Full of wonderful characters and set against an authentic historical background, this is a fast-paced adventure you will not want to put down. Gordon has been busy with another series of books, look out for them on Amazon online.

Tuesday 21st October, 2014
Gordon has been invited to talk to Dundee West Church Guild. Meeting starts at 7.30 pm.



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