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The Calgacus Series

The story of the Roman conquest of Britain as told from the perspective of a British hero. If you want to know why it took the Romans forty years to take control of most of Britain before they gave up on the northern part, the Calgacus stories will provide some insight. Told in eight books, each story is set against a particular historical event, with a host of fascinating characters, plus plenty of intrigue and action. All of the books in this series can be purchased from Amazon, just click the book cover to visit Amazon.

World's End Book Cover and Amazon link

World's End

Meet a new hero.
As the invading Romans destroy his world, Calgacus must find a way to halt the invincible war machine. But as he strives to unite the tribes of Britain, he discovers that the Romans are not his only enemies...

The Centurions Book Cover and Amazon link

The Centurions

With the Roman advance stalled, Calgacus seeks to avenge his brother's death. He is soon being hunted deep inside the Roman province but hides in the last place his enemies would look for him.

Queen of Victory Book Cover and Amazon link

Queen of Victory

The Legions of Rome are marching to destroy fabled Ynis Mon, the sacred island of the Druids. With defeat imminent, Calgacus travels to the lands of the Iceni in a desperate attempt to raise a rebellion. The spark he ignites soon becomes a raging inferno and sees the birth of a legend – Boudica, the Queen of Victory.

Druids' Gold Book Cover and Amazon link

Druids' Gold

Civil war rages in Rome and there is turmoil in Britannia. When a dying man reveals the existence of a hidden treasure, Calgacus is soon entangled in a web of intrigue, treachery and deceit which brings him face to face with new enemies as well as his oldest adversary.

Blood Ties Book Cover and Amazon link

Blood Ties

It has been nine years since Calgacus vanished into the northern mists of Britannia. The new Roman Governor is the ruthless and determined Julius Agricola whose declared intention is to swiftly complete the conquest of the island. But a fresh revolt has broken out and Calgacus is lured southwards to battle once more. Because the man leading this latest rebellion claims to be his son...

The High King Book Cover and Amazon link

The High King

Calgacus’ plans for an alliance of tribes are thrown into turmoil when new enemies threaten him. With his family held hostage, he is forced to cross the sea to Eriu to confront the High King and that ruler’s mysterious and powerful sorceress.
To make matters worse, the Romans also have their eyes turned towards the land they call Hibernia. Calgacus must defeat the High King, his witch, unknown assassins and the Legions of Rome if he is to return to rescue his family from captivity.

The Ghost War Book Cover and Amazon link

The Ghost War

As the hated Roman Legions launch their campaign to complete their brutal conquest of Britannia, Calgacus somehow pulls the unruly Northern tribes together to resist the Imperial war machine. The scene is set for the final conflict but he is soon faced with many threats.
An uneasy alliance, an unstoppable invading force, bitter rivals from the past, a family torn apart, and a deadly foe within…
With the future of all the free people at stake, Calgacus must overcome his most difficult challenges yet.

Last of the Free Book Cover and Amazon link

Last of the Free

The Romans are poised to complete the conquest of northern Britannia. Only Calgacus and the last of the rebel tribes stand between the invincible Legions and the Empire’s final victory.
But, as the opponents face each other for the last time, events in Rome will play their part in affecting the outcome. Intrigue and deceit go hand in hand with military might as the last of the free stand ready to defend their way of life from annihilation.


The Hereward Series

Told in two volumes, this mini-series presents the story of the resistance to Norman invasion in the years after the Battle of Hastings, as seen through the eyes of Edric Strong, a blacksmith’s apprentice who joins the rebel leader, Hereward in the fens and marshes around the Isle of Ely. All of the books in this series can be purchased from Amazon, just click the book cover to visit Amazon.

Last English Hero Book Cover and Amazon Link

Last English Hero

Life held few prospects for Edric. England had fallen to the Normans who ruled the land with an iron fist, and he was trapped as an apprentice blacksmith under the harsh tutelage of his uncle. Then an encounter with some outlaws changed his life forever when he met their leader, a man whose name would go down in history as the last of the English to stand up to the invaders. That man was Hereward, and Edric vowed to follow him.

Doomsday Book Cover and Amazon link


A confrontation is looming, and the outcome will decide the future of England for a millenium. Edric Strong and the other members of Hereward’s gang must overcome the twin threats of King William’s retribution and treachery from within their own camp if they are to survive.Packed with action and intrigue, Doomsday is the concluding episode in the Hereward story.


The constantine Series

If you want something on a lighter note, the Constantine stories are comedic murder mysteries set in Dark Age Scotland around a place called Camelot. The characters are legendary, the setting is loosely historical, and the jokes are dreadful. You have been warned.  These books are only available in e-book format from the Kindle store because it would be too embarrassing to produce them in paperback. All of the books in this series can be purchased from Amazon, just click the book cover to visit Amazon.

The Man in the Ironic Mask Book Cover and Amazon link

The Man in the Ironic Mask

Murder, mayhem and mirth in this medieval mystery.
When he’s not learning sleight of hand tricks from Merlin, Constantine spends his time drinking, gambling and trying to relieve the citizens of Camelot of their loose change. He thinks he’s a smart operator, so what could possibly go wrong when a man in a mask asks him to deliver a letter? Quite a lot actually. This simple act triggers a chain of events that leads to murder, kidnapping, armed robbery, and more murder. Oh yes, there are some laughs along the way, as well as encounters with a tone-deaf bard, a psychotic knight, a beautiful thief and a deadly sorceress. And possibly dragons. Or maybe not.

The Lady of Shall Not Book Cover and Amazon link

The Lady of Shall Not

It’s Festival time. Constantine and his friends are off to Dun Eidyn for a holiday. As usual, things soon start to go wrong and before long Constantine is knee deep in dead bodies as he finds himself in the middle of a religious war between the Christians and the druids. On top of all that, he and Bors must find a hired assassin who has been sent to kill Arthur.
Butchers, bakers and candlemakers all feature in this comic caper as Constantine tracks the killers while also attempting to overcome pigs, donkeys and a variety of phobias. Not to mention that somebody is trying to steal his girlfriend.

Gawain and the Green Nightshirt Book Cover and Amazon link

Gawain and the Green Nightshirt

It’s quiet in Camelot, but Constantine soon has another murder to investigate. As usual, things don’t go smoothly. With Arthur away and Kay ill, Constantine and Bors must contend with an officious supervisor as they try to unravel a mystery that involves extortion, arson, protection rackets, a seeress prophesying disasters and, worst of all, a talent show.

A Tale of One City Book Cover and Amazon link

A Tale of One City

There’s been a murder. In fact, there have been several murders. As usual, Constantine is drafted in to solve the puzzle. The problem is that the killings took place hundreds of miles away, in Lundene, the heartland of the Saxons. Solving the crime will be the least of his problems as he tries to cope with vicious warlords, manic, placard-wielding prophets of doom, randy sea captains and a distrustful local population. Even worse, just getting to the scene of the crime involves a sea voyage of several hundred miles. Can he survive the journey without dying from seasickness?

Forty Nine Shades of Tartan

Forty Nine Shades of Tartan

The stakes are high when a peace treaty is jeopardised by a murder. An all out war between the various peoples of the North will certainly break out unless Constantine can quickly identify the killer. No pressure, then. With a suspect list of thousands, including Picts, Scots, Arthurian heroes, kings, princes and princesses, fortune tellers, blind beggars, tartan salesmen, wrestlers, and a mysterious stranger from distant China, Constantine has his work cut out. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also has his two greatest enemies to contend with; druids and dogs.
It’s another investigation crammed with danger, mishaps and really bad jokes as our hero muddles his way through to a dramatic conclusion.


The Sempronius Scipio Series

These stories are set at the beginning of the Third Century, when the Roman Empire began a convulsive period in its long and bloody history. Sempronius Scipio will find himself at the centre of some of the Empire’s most traumatic events. All of the books in this series can be purchased from Amazon, just click the book cover to visit Amazon.

Last English Hero Book Cover and Amazon Link

Dido's Revenge

Sempronius Scipio has orders to travel to Ephesus to investigate a murder and audacious theft from the great Temple of Artemis. Thinking it will be just another routine assignment, he could not be more wrong. He soon finds himself falling for his alluring new assistant... but all the while, the trail of clues drags him ever deeper into the treacherous and murderous world of conspiracy at the highest level of Imperial Roman life.

A Long Shadow

In a time of great upheaval in Rome, Sempronius Scipio wants nothing more than to live a peaceful life. But family ties exert their hold, forcing him back to the imperial city. Here, what begins as an investigation into a personal feud soon brings him into dangerous political circles. The Emperor is unpopular, and Scipio may have walked into the centre of a deadly conspiracy.

Clash of Giants

Sempronius Scipio has enjoyed several comfortable years of peace, far from the lethal chaos of political life in Rome. Until a visitor arrives with an ominous message from the Emperor’s chief spy master. It is a call which forces Scipio out of his self-proclaimed retirement, and sends him on a deadly mission amongst dangerous rebels, traitors and spies. All of this in the midst of a great war against Rome’s most formidable enemy; a resurgent Persian empire.

The Poisoned Chalice

After witnessing Maximinis Thrax seize power in a violent coup, Sempronius Scipio has tried to drop out of sight, moving to a quiet town on the northern coast of Africa. But despite his best efforts to maintain a low profile, events quickly catch up with him, and he finds himself facing spies, political intrigue and battles as he is caught up in a rebellion which plunges the Roman Empire into a bloody civil war.


Stand Alone Stories

Each of the books in this section is a one-off, stand-alone novel. You’ll find stories set in Roman and Pictish times, as well as books covering World War 1 aviation. There is also a short mini-booklet on Gordon’s misadventures while losing his eyesight. All of the books in this section can be purchased from Amazon, just click the book cover to visit Amazon.

All author royalties from “A Walk in the Dark” will be donated to RNIB.

A Walk in the Dark Book Cover and Amazon link

A Walk in the Dark

It’s no joke when you lose your eyesight, but it can be funny.
In this short booklet, Gordon Anthony recounts the story of losing his eyesight and the misadventures that resulted when he tried to get out and about. From tripping over guide dogs to getting stuck in revolving doors, it’s all in here.
Have a chuckle and help charity. All author royalties from the sale of this booklet will go to RNIB.

In the Shadow of the Wall Book Cover and Amazon link

In the Shadow of the Wall

A.D. 196. Brude, a young pictish warrior, leaves his home in the village of Broch Tava to join a raid on the Roman province beyond the wall. Captured after a disastrous battle, only his dreams of home and the childhood sweetheart he left behind allow him to survive life as a slave. Trained as a gladiator, he eventually wins his freedom and returns home after an absence of thirteen years. There, he discovers that much has changed and life in Broch Tava is every bit as dangerous as in the arena. And the great Roman wall still casts a long shadow. With the empire preparing a massive invasion, can Brude survive the deadly snares of his former friend, and save his people from death or enslavement?

An Eye for an Eye Book Cover and Amazon link

An Eye for an Eye

When the Northumbrians invade the north, Bili is the only survivor from his village. Rescued by the mysterious monk, Bleddyn, Bili embarks on a life of intrigue, espionage and illicit love affairs. Through it all, he is driven by one desire – the need for revenge against the men who enslaved and killed his family.

Hunting Icarus Book Cover and Amazon link

Hunting Icarus

Iraq, 1917. Two young fliers, one German, one British, face the horrifying dangers of war in the skies above one of the most hostile places on Earth.
Hunting Icarus is a story of love, life, death and courage as two men battle against one another in the deadliest war the world has ever seen.

Home Fires Book Cover and Amazon link

Home Fires

In months of arduous combat flying over the Western Front and in English skies, Captain Harry Smith faces von Richtofen’s dreaded Flying Circus and the sinister threats of Zeppelin and Gotha bombing raids. It’s not easy to survive. It’s harder to be a hero. And soon Harry is confronted with deep questions about the war, his family, his values and his own life.
But behind it all is a secret demon driving him on to achieve glory...

Bloody April

France, April 1917. After two and a half years of stalemate, the British Army is preparing for an assault which will provide the long-awaited breakthrough on the Western Front. Into the preparations comes Second Lieutenant Arthur Kerr, a newly trained pilot who is determined to help win the war. Assigned to a reconnaissance squadron, he soon learns that the reality of the war in the air is not at all as he had imagined. Every day, he and his colleagues are sent across the Lines in antiquated, often defenceless aircraft to face the superior machines and expertise of the elite German aces. Not for nothing was this month called, “Bloody April”.