Queen Of Victory

Queen Of Victory

The Legions of Rome are marching to destroy fabled Ynis Mon, the sacred island of the Druids. With defeat imminent, Calgacus travels to the lands of the Iceni in a desperate attempt to raise a rebellion. The spark he ignites soon becomes a raging inferno and sees the birth of a legend – Boudica, the Queen of Victory.

Queen of Victory is the third episode in the Calgacus series of adventures set in Roman Britain. Available on the Amazon Kindle Store from August, 2013, this adventure sees Calgacus involved in the greatest rebellion Britain has ever witnessed, the Boudican revolt. Calgacus encounters old friends and old enemies as he tries to rouse the tribes of Britain against the invaders, with dramatic results.

Gordon says, “The Boudican revolt was always going to be a major episode in the Calgacus series. You simply can’t tell the story of First century Britain without covering this momentous campaign. I laid some of the groundwork in the earlier stories and hopefully, these have borne fruit here. The real story is incredible in itself, but I felt I needed to put my own interpretation on it and I feel I have done that. I hope that readers will find the story enjoyable and exciting.”

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