The Centurions

The Centurions

“The Centurions” is the second novel in the Calgacus series. It follows Calgacus and Runt as they set off on a mission to avenge the death of Calgacus’ brother, Togodumnus. Disguised as traders, they head into the Roman province in search of three traitors. When things do not go as planned, Calgacus finds himself hunted and is forced to hide where his enemies will least expect. To make matters worse, a new Roman Governor has arrived and he is determined to complete the conquest of Britannia. A further complication is that Calgacus’ old adversary, Venutius, is stirring trouble among the Brigantes. This volatile combination sparks off a series of events that test Calgacus’ loyalties to the limit.

Packed with intrigue and action, this story is set against an authentic historical background in a period that is rarely examined.

Gordon says, “The period of the late 50s AD is sparse on detail but there were a couple of very significant events. I also wanted to look at the Roman army in some detail as it is a subject that fascinates many people. Bringing all the elements together was a bit of a challenge. I had the basic story worked out some time ago but the details were difficult to combine. I knew I needed to place Calgacus in an unfamiliar situation and present him with a new set of challenges, but I also needed to provide an insight into the motivations of some of the other principal characters. This took quite a while to resolve but I am pleased with the end result. The story also gave me plenty of scope for continuing the story of the various ways in which the Britons responded to the Roman conquest. As you might expect, self-interest was the driving factor for most people and this provided some wonderful opportunities to set up clashes between the various protagonists.“

“The Centurions” will be available in e-book format in December, 2012. Gordon explained, “Sales of paperbacks are definitely declining but e-books are taking off in a big way. With several Calgacus stories already drafted, it is quick and easy to put them out in e-book format. They may appear in paperback at a later date, but I thought I might as well publish them when they are ready, rather than wait for the longer lead-time required for printed books.”

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