World's End

World's End

“World’s End” the first book in a series of tales which will tell the story of British resistance to the Roman conquest.

“As the invading Romans destroy his world, Calgacus must find a way to halt the invincible war machine. But as he strives to unite the tribes of Britain, he discovers that the Romans are not his only enemies...

Gordon says, “The story of British resistance to Rome is not very well known at all. Most people have heard of Boudica, or Boadicea as she is often known, but that is about it. In fact, Boudica’s rebellion was only one of many and the Romans did not have things their own way at all. There were many British successes and I intend to build my stories around those almost-forgotten events. While the background will be reasonably well founded on real events, though, the main intention is to tell an entertaining story. I hope readers will agree that “World’s End” achieves that”.


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