An Eye For An Eye

The World's End

“When the Northumbrians invade the north, fourteen year-old Bili is the only survivor from his village. Rescued by the mysterious monk, Bleddyn, Bili embarks on a life of intrigue, espionage and illicit love affairs. Through it all, he is driven by one desire – the need for revenge against the men who enslaved and killed his family.”

Gordon says, “This story came out of my research for a series of stories set in Roman Britain. I needed to learn more about the Picts but the more I learned, the more I became intrigued by the events of the Seventh Century. There is a wonderful story that is barely known and I just had to write a novel about it.
“The Picts have left no written accounts of their own and they have been largely ignored. I hope that this story, told from a pro-Pictish point of view, will go some way to redress the balance.”

As for the decision to release “An Eye For An Eye” in electronic format, Gordon says, “Unfortunately, most publishers believe that stories about the Picts are not commercially viable. However, the advent of e-books provides an opportunity to make this story available relatively easily. You never know, if enough people buy the electronic version, some publisher might show an interest.”
“An Eye For An Eye“ is exclusively available in e-Book format on the Amazon Kindle Store and can be downloaded to any Kindle or to any PC, Phone or iPad with Kindle software app.


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