A Walk In The Dark

The World's End

It's no joke when you lose your eyesight but it can be funny!
"A Walk in the Dark" is a short, humorous, and only slightly exaggerated, autobiographical account of Gordon's attempts to cope with losing his eyesight. From getting lost in a revolving door to tripping over guide dogs, it's all here.
"A Walk in the Dark" is available as a PDF for FREE download from this web site. Instead of paying for a short book, readers are asked to make a donation, however small, to the Royal National Institute for the Blind by visiting www.rnib.org.uk.
Gordon says, "I have had a lot of mishaps since I lost my eyesight. Friends and family are always laughing when I tell them what has happened to me. Some of them suggested that I should write a book about it, so here it is. It is intended to be light-hearted but also has a serious message which I hope people will appreciate. It is too short to turn into a proper book, so I thought I would do something useful with it in the hope of raising some funds for the RNIB."

Gordon Anthony’s “A Walk in the Dark” has attracted media attention from STV and several newspapers, including the Sunday Post, as well as being supported by the RNIB www.rnib.org.uk and Disability Awareness Group Able2uk www.able2uk.com “


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