Hunting Icarus

Hunting Icarus

This book is available worldwide on the Amazon Kindle Store and also available in paperback in the UK exclusively from Amazon.

“I always wanted to write a story about the First World War, especially the aviation aspect which has always fascinated me. However, I wanted to make my story a little different to the majority of similar books, so I set this one in Iraq, where the fighting was just as ferocious and deadly as anything on the Western Front but is little remembered now.

I have tried to include as much authentic background as I could without detracting from what I hope is a fairly fast paced story told from two perspectives. I think I’ve got this right because my test readers commented that they thought it was quite a short book when, in fact, it’s the longest story I’ve ever written. It’s set during a war but it is primarily a human interest tale, hopefully capturing the sentiments and difficulties which faced the people who were thrust into this awful war with no escape.

With the First world War a major topic of interest this year, I’ve just released a new novel, titled “Hunting Icarus”, set in Iraq in 1917 and covering the conflict in the air during WW1. It’s rather different from my usual books but it’s a project I’ve been working on for a couple of years and I felt the time was right to make it available.

You can download “Hunting Icarus” from the Amazon Kindle Store for only £4.99.

There is good news for those of you who prefer paperbacks. The publisher of my first two books went out of business recently but I’ve managed to have “Hunting Icarus” published in paperback within the UK via an exclusive arrangement with You won’t be able to order the book through a bookshop but you can order it from Amazon. I’m afraid the price is slightly higher than I would have liked but I didn’t have much say in that. Still, at £10.49 it’s not overly expensive for anyone who really wants a paper copy.

Now that I’ve found this publication deal, I’ll be looking to publish some of the Calgacus stories which have so far only been available in e-book format, so if you feel you have missed out because you don’t read e-books, there should be some more good news for you soon.

Thanks for your continued support and, whether you opt for the e-book or the printed version, I hope you enjoy “Hunting Icarus”. Some good reviews would be appreciated.

Gordon Anthony.

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