Druids Gold

Druids Gold

Druids’ Gold is the fourth in the Calgacus series of adventures set in Roman Britain. It is now exclusively available in e-book format on the Amazon Kindle store.

“Civil war rages in Rome and there is turmoil in Britannia. When a dying man reveals the existence of a hidden treasure, Calgacus is soon entangled in a web of intrigue, treachery and deceit which brings him face to face with new enemies as well as his oldest adversary.”

Druids’ Gold is set in the year 69 A.D. which is known to historians as “The Year of the Four Emperors”. There was civil war within the Empire while, in Britannia, the Britons seized the opportunity to create more trouble as Venutius raised his second revolt against his former wife, Cartimandua.

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