In The Shadow Of The Wall

The World's End

Gordon Anthony's debut novel, "In the Shadow of the Wall" went on general release in the UK in January, 2010. It is available in UK book stores, online and on Kindle.

It quickly attracted popular acclaim, gathering a host of five-star reviews on Amazon. You can read these reviews at and searching for "In the Shadow of the Wall by Gordon Anthony". Now also available to read on Amazon’s Kindle Books.

The prestigious Scotsman Newspaper awarded the book four stars in their Paperback Reviews.

"In the Shadow of the Wall" follows the adventures of Brude, a Pictish warrior who is captured and enslaved by the Romans. Gaining his freedom after many years in captivity, he eventually returns home to Broch Tava - a village which bears a remarkable resemblance to Gordon's home town of Broughty Ferry.
Caught between the two cultures of the Romans and the Picts, Brude is forced to contend with the deadly snares of his former boyhood friend and the advance of the Roman army which is marching north, determined to pacify the Picts once and for all.

Although the book is based on historical fact, it is first and foremost an adventure tale. Gordon says that he tried hard to make the historical background as authentic and plausible as possible but the main thing is that story is intended to entertain. Readers who have no interest in history can enjoy it every bit as much as those who love a well-researched historical background.

Gordon first had the basic idea many years ago but only found the right setting for it when he was reading about the Roman emperor Septimius Severus, who came to Britain in the early part of the third century.

Gordon says, "I suddenly remembered that old idea about a gladiator returning home. Once I realised it would fit into the reign of Severus, the plot fell into place pretty quickly."
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