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The West Lothian based Author, known for the success of “In the Shadow of the Wall”, an epic tale set in Roman Britain, which tells the story of Brude, a Pictish warrior, who returns home after spending twelve years as a captive Gladiator in Rome.

Gordon has published other stories, in paperback and e-book format, World's End, The Man In The Ironic Mask and The Lady of Shall Not. These are now being read by a world-wide audience. You can find out more on the Books Page of this website, and read some of the many customer reviews from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

“Hunting Icarus”

“Iraq, 1917. Two young fliers, one German, one British, face the horrifying dangers of war in the air over one of the most hostile places on Earth.
Hunting Icarus is a story of love, life, death and courage as two men battle against one another in the deadliest war the world has ever seen.”

Hunting Icarus

With the First world War a major topic of interest this year, I’ve just released a new novel, titled “Hunting Icarus”, set in Iraq in 1917 and covering the conflict in the air during WW1. It’s rather different from my usual books but it’s a project I’ve been working on for a couple of years and I felt the time was right to make it available.

You can download “Hunting Icarus” from the Amazon Kindle Store for only £4.99.

“Druids Gold” is set in the year 69 A.D. which is known to historians as “The Year of the Four Emperors”. There was civil war within the Empire while, in Britannia, the Britons seized the opportunity to create more trouble as Venutius raised his second revolt against his former wife, Cartimandua...

Gawain and the Green Nightshirt

Gordon says, “This was a momentous year within the Roman Empire but it was also important for Britain. As usual, I wanted to create an adventure story rather than a simple history, so there are a couple of plotlines in this book which I hope will entertain. One big departure from the other Calgacus tales is that I could not ignore the momentous events in Rome. This series was always intended to tell the story of Britain rather than of Rome but this year was quite exceptional. I have therefore really told two stories which come together at the end and which, without giving too much away, lay the groundwork for a future book in the series. It also gave me a wonderful opportunity to build a story around the famous Caratacus who is often mentioned in the Calgacus books but had only a minor role in the very first book in the series. As usual, though, the main focus is on Calgacus and how he deals with the dangers that face him”.

Gordon has used his life long interest in history and his love of stories to create a tale that brings the ancient world to life.

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